What new parent guides don't talk about

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming, especially when advice pours in from all sides. Sophie, new mom/ content creator has compiled this handy guide of new parent tips/advices from her own experience as a new mom that will  get you through the sometimes lonely and oh-so-rewarding new parenthood journey. 


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Do you what you enjoy doing with him/her 

"For me it is getting out of the house, taking a lot of fun little day trips like putting him in a carrier or a stroller and going for walks. We went to the beach, went picnic, and we just recently took Liam to his first playgroup. The most important thing though, was that i always kept my expectations really low. Just making it to the location was a victory." 





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Get back into exercise at your own pace

"I felt completely  disconnected and unfamiliar  with my body in the months  after Liam was born. Getting  exercise and trying to put  myself first some of the time  helped me a lot. Remember  that every bit counts -  whether that's going for a  walk with your family or  squeezing in a quick naptime workout. " 





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Sometimes it really is just a phase

" I wished someone told me this. They will stop waking up 3 times a night. They will stop dirtying their diapers 10 times a day. They will eat with a spoon. So hang in there mama, take it for what it is and don’t try and rush your littles ones through any age or stage; you’ll look back and wish you hadn’t. "